Your Flex-Ability DVD has renewed my hope and eased my physical pain. So much so that I am looking forward to doing it again tomorrow and releasing more of the stress and strain of excess from my body. Most importantly, for me you made the mind, body, AND spirit connection that has been missing in every other exercise I've done up until this point. This is what I have been searching for!

~ Lisa

Publishers Weekly Red Star Review

Pub_wklyIn the Lifestyle Section of Publishers Weekly

Big Yoga: A Simple Guide for Bigger Bodies
Meera Patricia Kerr, Square One (www.squareoneoubhshers.com). $17.95 paper (176p) ISBN9780757002151

Though the power of Yoga to help reverse heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels-problems endemic to the overweight is well-established,

the popular
image of the rall-thin Yoga guru can discourage those who might benefit most, Kerr, a yoga
instructor for 30 years, understands the challenges of the heavy·set; describing herself as
"beefy, athletic, and loud," she provides a complete, much-needed gulde for making yoga work
regardless of limitations like weight, stiffness, injury or disability. Without skipping over yoga's
history and evolution or its spirtual dimensions, as well as personal accounts of her training and
the development of Big Yoga, Kerr adapts traditional Hatha yoga poses that work for everyone,
and discusses each alongsIde a generous series of photos. With broad, thorough coverage of
yoga's many aspects, including breathing technique and meditation as well as poses and their
adaptations, Kerr's manual is a welcoming, comprehensive exercise program for the rest of us.

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