Stretching & Relaxing

"The stretching and relaxing of yoga significantly reduced the pain of plantar fascitis, even after the first week of class. It feels so good to be able to walk again!"

~ Judy Covey, Big Yoga Student

Big Yoga: Beginners Hatha I

(2006) 58 min. DVD: $21.98. Big Yoga. PPR.

vid_lib_imageThere's a negative head loop that many people who are overweight endlessly repeat: "I'm overweight so I can't exercise ...I don't exercise so I'm overweight." Watching hard bodies working out at the gym (or on DVD) doesn't necessarily help to stop the nasty mind chatter, but Big Yoga could. Meera Patricia Kerr is the amiable, calm, and plus-size instructor for this no-frills exercise program that features

adaptations of classic Hatha yoga poses to encourage larger people to get moving, while also reaping other health benefits from this gentle style of fitness.

Beginning with a "cosmic" warm-up that includes chants, eye exercises, and assorted breathing techniques, Kerr gently guides viewers through traditional yoga asanas such as the sun salutation and the cobra pose (using the wall for stability and support), various other body postures and spinal twists, and mat work-using Yoga Mudra, a wonderful spine stretch (Kerr explains that this move centers the higher chakras) and Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation session-before closing with meditation and breathing practices such as "bellows breathing" or Pranayama. The music, written by Kerr, is a lovely combination of smooth jazz and Eastern whimsical that nicely matches the program's tranquil vibe. An excellent alternative to the yoga fitness titles featuring perfectly-sculpted instructors, this is highly recommended. -  Aud: P. (N. Plympton)

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