Your Flex-Ability DVD has renewed my hope and eased my physical pain. So much so that I am looking forward to doing it again tomorrow and releasing more of the stress and strain of excess from my body. Most importantly, for me you made the mind, body, AND spirit connection that has been missing in every other exercise I've done up until this point. This is what I have been searching for!

~ Lisa

New Age Retailer

Big Yoga: A Simple Guide for Bigger Bodies
Meera Patricia Kerr
$17.95 P, 9780757002151 - Square One Publishers - www.squareonepublishers.com

new_age_NEWMeera Patricia Kerr, who began her personal journey into yoga as a college student in the “groovy” ‘60s, shows readers how to start and enjoy a yoga practice regardless of their size. With a sense of humor, she illustrates through photo essays of asanas that it is possible for the larger student to become an accomplished yoga practitioner. In her easy-to-read style, Kerr lays out step-by-step how to begin a yoga practice with simple props (a chair is extremely useful for the plus-size student), wardrobe, environment, commitment, and more.

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Library Journal May 2010


Health & Medicine
Kerr, Meera Patricia. Big Yoga: A Simple Guide 101 Bigger Bodies - Square One. May 2010.
c.240p. photogs. bibliog. index. ISBN 978-0-7570-0215-1. pap. $17.95. HEALTH
Sometime during the popularization of yoga in the West, a mythic yogic body stereotype emerged. As yoga became more commercialized, it appeared to be only forthe slim, hyperlithe figures that permeated the media and studio instruction.

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Publishers Weekly Red Star Review

Pub_wklyIn the Lifestyle Section of Publishers Weekly

Big Yoga: A Simple Guide for Bigger Bodies
Meera Patricia Kerr, Square One (www.squareoneoubhshers.com). $17.95 paper (176p) ISBN9780757002151

Though the power of Yoga to help reverse heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels-problems endemic to the overweight is well-established,

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Yoga Chicago - Book Review


Now more than ever, people are recog­nizing that yoga practice is not just for young and thin bodies. With an emphasis on health and relaxation, Meera has developed a unique yoga program for larger individuals. She begins with an explanation of what yoga is, the benefits it offers, and how it can fit into anyone's life. She cautions big yogis to be kind to their body, to stay relaxed, and feel invigorated without straining.

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Live Once Juicy: Big Yoga Book Review

Review from: Live Once, Juicy

I’m very, very new to yoga. I also live in a remote, rural area with exactly zero available yoga classes or teachers.

As a result, I’ve had to find some resources that I could use to learn on my own. It’s made me so happy to find that there are several good ones that are designed especially for larger people. I haven’t felt like I’m not quite included or like I’ve had to push and shove to make room for myself in the yoga space. And I really appreciate that.

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Curvy Yoga

curvyCurvy Yoga Recommends: Big Yoga
One of the delights of the Curvy Yoga community is interacting with other teachers doing similar work.  Meera Patricia Kerr is one of these teachers, and I’m really excited today to be reviewing her book Big Yoga: A Simple Guide for Bigger Bodies.
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Flo Yoga Magazine

flo_yoga_magBig Love for Big Yoga
About four short months ago, this package arrived. It contained a book, Big Yoga, a cd, named Omniscient Om, and 2 DVD’s titled Big Yoga Flexibility and Beginner’s Hatha Yoga 1. I sat down on my mat, popped in the cd and started reading Big Yoga. Click Here for a link to the Article

Elevated Existance

elev_existElevated Existance
Being thin is not a prerequisite for yoga, and Integral yoga instructor Meera Patricia Kerr is on a mission to make yoga accessible to everyone — no matter what size clothing they wear. Click Here for a PDF of the Review.

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