Stretching & Relaxing

"The stretching and relaxing of yoga significantly reduced the pain of plantar fascitis, even after the first week of class. It feels so good to be able to walk again!"

~ Judy Covey, Big Yoga Student

Yoga Plus Magazine

Yoge_plus"Big Yoga is an encouraging reminder that yoga is for everybody.

This is no watered down practice. With the exception of wall and chair alternatives to sun salutations, the content is similar to what you'd find in any introduction to yoga.

The key difference: Kerr, a "big" woman, models the poses beautifully". - KM

Big Yoga: Beginners Hatha I

(2006) 58 min. DVD: $21.98. Big Yoga. PPR.

vid_lib_imageThere's a negative head loop that many people who are overweight endlessly repeat: "I'm overweight so I can't exercise ...I don't exercise so I'm overweight." Watching hard bodies working out at the gym (or on DVD) doesn't necessarily help to stop the nasty mind chatter, but Big Yoga could. Meera Patricia Kerr is the amiable, calm, and plus-size instructor for this no-frills exercise program that features

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Booklist - DVD Review

Big Yoga Beginners Hatha 1 2006 60 min. - Big Yoga DVD $16.98
book_list_imageThis yoga workout is "designed and adapted for the larger body." Full-figured instructor Meera Patricia Kerr stresses that yoga can improve insulin performance in diabetics, reverse heart disease and raise self esteem.

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Yoga Chicago DVD Review

yoga_chic_imageIf you or others you know have wanted to do yoga but are afraid to take a regular class because of your weight, age or lack of flexibility, here’s an alternative way to try it out. In this DVD, Meera Pataricia Kerr, a full-bodied, middle-aged woman, takes the viewer through a one-hour practice designed for people with plus-sized bodies or other conditions that might limit their ability to participate in a regular yoga class.

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Yoga Journal - DVD Reveiw

yoga_journ_imageThe "Big Yoga" video was reviewed in the January 2004 issue of "Yoga Journal" in an article by Phil Catalfo. Here's brief excerpt from that article:

"Kerr has a welcoming presence, just right for her audience. While she's cheery and encouraging, she simultaneously delivers the instructions in a businesslike manner that commands attention. An exellent model, Kerr is well aware of correct alignment and generally takes a cautious approach to the asanas".

Bella Online DVD Review

M. E. Wood
BellaOnline's Large & Lovely Editor

Big Yoga - Flexibility

bella_online"For those who don't look like the traditional Yoga models."

A few years ago I reviewed another yoga CD (Big Yoga - Hatha 1) by Meera Patricia Kerr and while the technique and instruction were good it wasn't really a beginner's exercise video. Big Yoga - Flexibility is more of a starting point "to ease ourselves into yoga" or any physical activity for that matter.

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