is finally available!

This new book offers healing practices for people who are challenged by COPD, asthma, and other sdfasdcz challenges–including COVID 19. Written with Dr. S. McLanahan, it also offers lots of information that will help you understand your disease and why exercise and breathing practice are important to stay healthy, calm and full of vitality!

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Big Yoga - Flex-Ability DVD

This DVD focuses more on creating more flexibility in the body, to make a more challenging Yoga practice comfortable for those with weight issues, stiffness, or injury. Includes 25 minutes of flexibility practice, 3 rounds of an easy chair sun salute, a restorative guided relaxation and a bonus track of Meera chanting an ancient peace chant, Om Shanthi

Big Yoga Hatha 1 DVD

The first in the Big Yoga series, Beginners Hatha One is a program for the plus-size yogi who is basically fit, but may not want to go to a regular class in public. A 60 minute traditional Yoga practice, adapted for the larger body, including asana, pranayama, and deep relaxation.

Audio CDs & Downloads

Water My Soul CD

In the 70’s I was writing songs and traveling with my all-female band, Ira Gobu. We did mostly original material, and when I got into yoga, my songs began to reflect my new-found devotion to my Guru, Swami Satchidananda.

I released an album of original songs, titled Water My Soul dedicated to him back in 1989 and recently had it re-digitized–a 25th-anniversary re-issue– so we can now enjoy it on CD!

Omniscient Om

A continuous chanting of Om, the cosmic Hum of the universe, on a sound bed of piano, synthesizer, bells and conch. Perfect for massage, yoga class or as a distraction from a noisy enviornment.

Before he left his body, Swami Satchidananda, asked me to create a CD of continuous chanting of OM, with piano accompaniment. I was deeply honored that my teacher asked me to do something for him! I initially recorded just piano and voice, but later added singing bowls, a gong, and a synthesizer.

Voices of the Vidyalayam

A collection of children’s songs and amazingly, Vedic Slokas, sung by the children at the Yogaville Ashram Vidyalayam. “The Bible teaches that the kingdom of God lies among the children. The angelic voices of the children of the Vidyalayam make that truth abundantly clear”–Sri Swami Satchidananda


Take a Deep Breath

It may begin with shortness of breath or perhaps a recurring cough as you inhale. Your ability to take in more air becomes impeded―for any number of reasons. The bottom line is that your body is not receiving the oxygen it requires, and when that happens, your body lets you know it. Exhaustion, depression, lack of focus, and dizziness can all set in, not to mention the organ damage created by a lack of oxygen.

Prescription medications or an oxygen tank may provide some relief, but there are also a number of techniques that you can do on your own to improve your condition. Best-selling health writer Meera Patricia Kerr and Dr. Sandra A. McLanahan have teamed up to provide an effective breathing exercise program.

Big Yoga: A Simple Guide for Bigger Bodies

If you think yoga is only for skinny young things, you need to think again. To expert Meera Patricia Kerr, yoga can and should be used by everyone—especially plus-size individuals. In her new book, Big Yoga, Meera shares the unique yoga program she developed for all those who think that yoga is not for them.

Part One of Big Yoga begins with a clear explanation of what yoga is, what benefits it offers, and how it can fit into anyone’s life. Included is an important discussion of selfimage. The book goes on to provide practical information regarding clothing, mats, and suitable environments, and to emphasize the need to begin with care.

Big Yoga for Less Stress: A Simple Guide to Reducing Everyday Anxiety

Whether it’s relationships, work, politics, or life in general, we seem to be surrounded by things and people that give us stress. We wake up with it, carry it around with us, and even take it to bed. We know we’re stressed because we experience the telltale symptoms―tension headaches, nervousness, exhaustion, high blood pressure, and lowered immunity.

We may try to ignore these symptoms or even cover them up with medications, but over time, this can lead to even more serious medical problems. While it’s easy to blame outside forces, the truth is that within ourselves, we have the power to control, reduce, and even eliminate the stress we feel.