Homeopathy for Longhaulers

complications after “recovering” from Covid 19


Prana is more than breath, it literally means the life force of the universe


Beautiful Skin With Big Yoga

Yoga is a terrific stress buster!


Top Ten Favorite Yoga Books

Books, books, and more books! In the New Year I like to cull some of my library, but it's really hard! I have so many books on Yoga, and I may not look at a book for several years, but when I need to look something up for reference, or revisit a concept I'd like to...
Swami Satchidananda


The Guru is not just one man in a robe, a beard, and sandals. The Guru is a lineage that spills all pervading Grace down the centuries through embodied channels, where it can flow in a more concentrated form, and pour into your heart. That stream of Grace ignites the...
Chair Yoga

What is Big Yoga?

Using a Chair for Yoga Meera Kerr: It is the Integral Yoga Hatha I class adapted to the needs of larger people. As I got older I noticed my body was changing. I saw a need for an adaptation to serve those who want to do Yoga but can't do what thinner people are doing....
How I Quit Smoking

How I Quit Smoking

The way I quit smoking was through the use of pranayama (see my recent post on that.) I had been studying yoga seriously for about a year.  My band Ira Gobu was going on the road, so we bought a juicer and brought it along. We had heard of the benefits of...

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It’s a Sound Practice

It’s a Sound Practice

Tibetan Singing Bowls During the Covid Era, I find myself with a lot of time on my hands for random activities. Not that I get anything accomplished. All of 2020 has seemed fluid, as if we're floating in a sea of confusion. But I have a new book to promote--Take a...

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Publishers Weekly Red Star Review

In the Lifestyle Section of Publishers Weekly Though the power of Yoga to help reverse heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels-problems endemic to the overweight is well-established, the popular image of the rall-thin Yoga guru...

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Library Journal May 2010

Sometime during the popularization of yoga in the West, a mythic yogic body stereotype emerged. As yoga became more commercialized, it appeared to be only forthe slim, hyperlithe figures that permeated the media and studio instruction. "Big Yoga" pioneer Kerr joined...

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New Age Retailer

Meera Patricia Kerr, who began her personal journey into yoga as a college student in the groovy 60s, shows readers how to start and enjoy a yoga practice regardless of their size. With a sense of humor, she illustrates through photo essays of asanas that it is...

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