Library Journal May 2010

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Sometime during the popularization of yoga in the West, a mythic yogic body stereotype emerged. As yoga became more commercialized, it appeared to be only forthe slim, hyperlithe figures that permeated the media and studio instruction.

“Big Yoga” pioneer Kerr joined the movement to change this narrow perspectr.”. She insists yoga is for everybody and urges people not to be discouraged by extra weight, inflexibility, or excuses. In Part 1, readers are mentally and physically prepared to begin their practice. Kerr provides an overview of yoga history and benefits, followed by a supportive discussion on self-image from her own experience as a plus-size person. In Part 2, Kerr demonstrates how to modify yoga postures for larger bodies without compromising form. Of equal importance, she also guides the reader through pranayama breathing exercises. VERDICT Kerr delivers on bringing yoga to a wider audience. Her thorough introduction to yoga is easy to read, the accompanying photographs make the asanas a breeze to comprehend, and helpful considerations for physical limitations are given. A worthy purchase for a growing genre. -Ajoke Kokodoko, Oakland P.L.



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