Yoga is for Every Body

After teaching Yoga for about 25 years, my body began to change, and so did my Yoga practice. With more curves to accomodate,  I began to adapt classical Yoga postures for my comfort. I was inspired to share what I was learning about my body with others like me, who may not look like the standard Yoga model, but who are interested in staying fit and healthy regardless of their size. The result was my first DVD, Big Yoga Hatha 1, a 60 minute practice that Dr. Dean Ornish has called “invigorating and restorative”.


Big Yoga - Flex-Ability DVD

This DVD focuses more on creating more flexibility in the body, to make a more challenging Yoga practice comfortable for those with weight issues, stiffness, or injury.  Includes 25 minutes of flexibility practice, 3 rounds of an easy chair sun salute, a restorative guided relaxation.


Also available as a digital download.

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Big Yoga Hatha 1 DVD

The first in the Big Yoga series, Beginner’s Hatha One is a program for the plus-size yogi who is basically fit, but may not want to go to a regular class in public. A 60 minute traditional Yoga practice, adapted for the larger body, including asana, pranayama, and deep relaxation.


Also available as a digital download.

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Big Yoga: A Simple Guide for Bigger Bodies

Meera’s definitive book on the history, benefits and techniques of Yoga for the plus-size body. Includes images of Meera demonstrating over 40 asanas. Deep breathing techniques, a guided relaxation, and a section on resources.

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Big Yoga Blog

What is Big Yoga?

Using a Chair for Yoga Meera Kerr: It is the Integral Yoga Hatha I class adapted to the needs of larger people. As I got older I noticed my body was changing. I saw a need for an adaptation to serve those who want to do Yoga but can't do what thinner people are doing....

Big Yoga: An Interview with Meera Patricia Kerr

My interview with Meera Patricia Kerr is the first of a series of interviews with influencial teachers who are committed to bringing the benefits of yoga to larger students. I personally studied with Meera Patricia Kerr in 2004, at the beautiful Satchidananda...

Big Yoga: The Plus-Size Practice

Meera Kerr, an Integral Yoga teacher for 30 years, is the creator of Big Yoga. She believes that you don't have to be thin to enjoy the benefits of Yoga - her new book, Big Yoga: A Simple Guide for Bigger Bodies and a second DVD, attest to that. She's spent the last...