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Meera Patricia Kerr, who began her personal journey into yoga as a college student in the groovy 60s, shows readers how to start and enjoy a yoga practice regardless of their size. With a sense of humor, she illustrates through photo essays of asanas that it is possible for the larger student to become an accomplished yoga practitioner. In her easy-to-read style, Kerr lays out step-by-step how to begin a yoga practice with simple props (a chair is extremely useful for the plus-size student), wardrobe, environment, commitment, and more.

Her collection of poses is very realistic for her audience and includes a section of 10 different breathing exercises, touches on the importance of meditation, kirtan, and offers a full chapter on service and devotion, applying the philosophies of yoga to daily life in the world.

Kerr also offers companion DVDs: Big Yoga Flexibility, Big Yoga Beginners Hatha 1, and Omniscient Om, a collection of inspirational chants. Kerrs educational products embody compassion and serve as a bridge to an audience that can benefit greatly from the powers of yoga. –Allyson Gracie, Gotham City Pilates, New York, NY



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