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Meera’s new book

2020 is going to go down in history as the worst year ever! The Corona 19 virus is devastating countries all around the globe, but especially here in the good old US of A. Have we done the best we could do to NOT spread the virus? I don’t think so, but I know there are libertarians and faith based folks and all around nut jobs who refuse to follow the advice of the scientists who say that we can mitigate the spread of the virus and have fewer people dying by wearing a mask, washing hands, and giving yourself a wide berth around others.

How hard is that? Don’t we have laws to protect ourselves and others from injury and death? What about seat belt laws? It’s against the law to NOT put on your seat belt, and there are hefty fines! And it’s illegal to drive while drunk. Duh! These laws are sensible, and time tested. We also have laws regarding speeding, and though we don’t always follow them, it has been proven that speed limits protect lives. So why not wear a mask? It’s for your benefit, but more importantly, it’s to the benefit of OTHERS. When did we become a culture of people who don’t give a darn about the other guy? If you believe we are a “Christian nation” , when did Christians stop following the teachings of Jesus who spoke often of caring more for others than just for ourselves.

Nevertheless, Covid is here. Bigtime. So how can yoga help in times like these? I have developed a program to help Kick Covid To the Curb, based on the information in my new book. As you probably know, Covid is a primarily a respiratory disease. The beauty of Yoga is that is strengthens the respiratory system, which means it can prepare the body by getting stronger to allevite the challenges of the virus. According to current research, folks who are more physically fit do better if and when they get sick. The breathing techniques of Yoga can also help in healing the lungs–and the brain–if you are recovering from contracting the virus.

If you’re interesed in KICKING COVID TO THE CURB, please make a comment below and I’ll send you a short e-book to get you started.



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