Live Once Juicy: Big Yoga Book Review

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Im very, very new to yoga. I also live in a remote, rural area with exactly zero available yoga classes or teachers.

As a result, Ive had to find some resources that I could use to learn on my own. Its made me so happy to find that there are several good ones that are designed especially for larger people. I havent felt like Im not quite included or like Ive had to push and shove to make room for myself in the yoga space. And I really appreciate that.

One resource that Ive really enjoyed is Big Yoga: A Simple Guide for Bigger Bodies by Meera Patricia Kerr.

There is some background information about yoga and direction on meditation and relaxation in the book that I really appreciated, since I dont have someone local to teach me. That part was more in depth than whats available on the videos Ive been using, which I really appreciated.

The main part of the book goes through hatha yoga warm-ups, inversions, backward bends, twists, foward bends, standing poses and seated poses. There is also a section of breathing practices.

Each pose has photos of each stage and sometimes of a modification or two. There is a section that talks about the benefit of the pose, one that describes the technique, and then information about how long to hold the pose for beginners and intermediate yoga practitioners. Each pose section ends with information for the reader to consider, including tips on posture and modifications.

The book is beautifully laid out. Its easy to read, easy to understand and easy to follow.

The author suggests picking two or three poses from each section. I sort of wished that a series of poses had been laid out for me, since I dont really know what Im doing. Also, because I dont know all the poses, flipping through the book to find the ones I want will be a little awkward.

All in all, I can definitely recommend Big Yoga. The photos are really well done. The poses are described so that even an absolute beginner can understand not only how to do them, but why. I think that someone with at least some experience with yoga will have an easier time with this book, but then experience makes any pursuit easier and more comfortable.

I enjoyed the description of yoga props, since some of them were totally foreign to me. I also will utilize the really well put together resource guide in the back of the book. Im glad I have a way to start putting my own practice together, instead of always using the DVDs that I love, but that are harder to alter.