You’re Never Too Old for Yoga

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Think you’re too old for starting up with Yoga?  No way!  I’m really grateful that I started learning yoga in the 60’s when I was still in my twenties, but that doesn’t mean folks my age–mid 70’s– can’t start now! 
There are so many adaptations we can learn when our bodies are a little older and stiffer. It’s not too late for the Woodstock Generation to begin doing Yoga!                  

The Flex-Ability series is something I teach to all my students.  We move every joint in the body, taking it through its full range of motion.  The gentle movements  tone and strengthen the muscles that support the joints, and simultaneously help to remove stiffness from the joints.    The Flex-Ability series of movements helps to heal the finer muscles and tendons from any previous injury and restore natural movement. To purchase a copy of the DVD, go to the Products page on this website.

I recently started volunteering at a nursing home, and I’ve discovered how restricting the wheel chair is to the residents.  There is very little freedom of movement, and this leads to more stiffness, loss of muscle tone, shallow breathing, and a feeling of disempowerment and depression.  I’m teaching these folks how to stretch in their chair–many of them are not ambulatory.  I’m also working on their capacity to breathe deeply.  I’m starting to think this is more important than anything, because as we strengthen the diaphragm through gentle pranayama (Yogic breathing) techniques, we are building strength in the core. My friends at the nursing home are a stark reminder to keep my own body in shape so that I don’t end up in a wheelchair myself some day!!

So, whether you’re old and out of shape, or young and curious but challenged with other issues, Big Yoga can get you started on a path to self-discovery and joy.



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