Step 1

Start by standing a little bit more than an arm’s length from the wall, feet parallel, palms together under the chin

Step 2

Lock the thumbs, inhale and stretch out, up and back.

Step 3

Float the arms to the sides and swan-dive down, bending at the hips like a hinge.

Step 4

Hang like a rag doll, and let the weight of the head and shoulders draw the body down.

Step 5

Inhale, walk the palms up the wall, at hip level, for the WALL DOG. Feel the head stretching toward the wall, and the tailbone stretching the opposite direction. Arms are alongside the ears.

Step 6

Coming into a lunge, bring the right foot forward to the wall. The right knee will bend, the left leg is straight. Walk the hands up the wall as far as you can and look straight ahead.

Step 7

Switch the legs, bringing the right foot back to meet the left, and the left foot up to the wall. Stretch the palms up the wall slightly and look straight ahead

Step 8

Bring the palms down to the hip level into the wall dog. Lengthen the spine.

Step 9

Push away from the wall and hang, keep the knees soft, releasing any tension in the neck, arms and shoulders.

Step 10

To come up, exhale and squat, and bring the arms forward alongside the ears, face looking at the floor.

Step 11

Inhale, coming up into a 3/4 stance into the CHAIR pose.

Step 12

Come all the way up, clasp the hands overhead, and gently draw the shoulders away from the ears.

Step 13

Keeping the arms alongside the ears, stretch back feeling a curl at the bottom of the shoulder blades.

Step 14

Sweep the arms down bringing the palms together once again under the chin, Close the eyes, spread the feet,let the arms come down alongside the body and relax.