Melt-down Prevention

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Worried about the bailouts?  Who isn’t?  Here at Big Yoga we have decided to bring our focus back inside, to make sure everything is harmonious internally, rather than persevorate on the bad news about the market.  While we are not altogether powerless in the political process, it doesn’t always seem like we can really effect any change.  Where we do have power is over our own thoughts, and the vibration  we send out into the world.  Establish yourself in equanimity and be free!  Use the techniques of pranayama of balance your breath, and the blessings of meditation to quiet the mind.  


The So-Ham breath is a pranayma/meditation technique that infuses the body with energy while giving the mind something to concentrate on instead of the declining Dow.  Sitting comfortably with the spine long, shoulders wide:  Listen to the sound of your breath on the inhale.  It is saying SO……..and on the exhale, listen to the soft HAM sound.  That’s all there is to it.  Every time the mind wants to go off somewhere else, gently bring it back to the soothing sound of the breath.

Angeli Mudra

Angeli Mudra


Once you calm the mind with this simple technique, the body will calm down as well, bringing the blood pressure down, and calming the endocrine system.  Use this profound sense of well-being created by your own diligent practice, to send loving thoughts out into your world.  Be a shining example of peace and harmony.  The world needs you now!  


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