New Year, New Book!

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It all started out with a simple book proposal which I began working on in 2002, after the release of the the Big Yoga Hatha 1 DVD.  When it didn’t set the world on fire, I decided to add a little “heft” (pun intended) to my mission of bringing the practice of Yoga to folks who may have wanted to try it, but were put off by the pictures of the beautiful people doing Yoga in the magazines.  While the athleticism of these models is admirable, people of size can find these images off-putting. I wanted to get these people on the mat, to discover for themselves the magical powers of Yoga.

After two agents and many rejections, I made a a phone call to a friend who introduced me to  a great guy, Rudy Shur at Square One Publishers.  Rudy was the first person who “got it” about Big Yoga, and who wasn’t afraid of the title.  With his guidance, the book began to take shape.  Many revisions later, it is finally in print and available on Amazon.  It should be in stores in a month or so. I learned so much working on the book, and I hope you find it useful and inspiring. 


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  1. Amy Daya Eberhardt

    Meera, This is wonderful! I am an IYI teacher in NYC, and just heard about your book on the IYTA forum. I am scheduled to teach a workshop (the second i have given) at IYI in April – Yoga for Voluptuous Women.
    I have not yet read your book, or watched the DVD – sinc eI just found out about them – but I will – and it will be nice to be able to order your book in the bookstore and recommend it to students, so they can continue learning after the workshop is over.
    Thanks for your contribution to this important aspect of yoga!
    Amy Daya

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