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Why did I become a Yoga teacher? I am an admitted Yoga-slacker. When I first started out practicing Yoga, I went with my 2 band-mates. There were three of us girls in Ira Gobu–a piano, bass and drums trio that sang original pop– and every Wednesday evening, we’d pile into the Baracuda and go to the Danbury home of Swami Satchidananda, where we studied with his close devotees. We loved it, and for me, having the support of the group helped me to be regular in my practice. Once the band broke up, I just couldn’t get myself to class anymore, and wasn’t doing Yoga at home very much either. But I LOVED Yoga! I loved how it made me feel inside, and how it gave me a glow on the outside. I liked hanging around with the Yogis. So, I figured, the best way to force myself to keep up the practice was to teach others! I took a month long teacher training with Integral Yoga┬« at the Satchidananda Ashram, which in those days was in Connecticut. It changed my life.

It could change your life too. These days, the Integral Yoga teacher trainings are held in central Virginia at the Yogaville Ashram. Because it’s a month-long immersion in Yoga–the poses, the philosophy, the meditation, selfless service–the training works on you at many levels. There’s a lot more to it than simply learning how to teach the yoga poses. I

become a yoga teacher

become a yoga teacher

t really can change your life, for the better. And the food is really good too!

I got a newsletter from Lanita Varshall of A Gentle Way Yoga studio today, and she is offering teacher trainings for plus-size Yoga. You can read her newsletter here. And stay tuned for a Big Yoga teacher training, coming in the fall of 2010.

So if you like Yoga, but find it hard to keep it up, give yourself a boost. Take a teacher training, and become a shining example of Yoga!



  1. ursel saralaa harmon

    I am teaching now for 6 years and was just told from an employer that I am too big to teach !!
    Has anybody ever told you that? Trying not to let it get to me, but it did hurt, I must say.
    Anyway, I would love to do a Big Yoga TT.

    • bigyoga

      thanks for your comment. I feel your pain! Right now I’m focusing on promoting my book, which was just published. I think the Big Yoga teacher training will have to wait another year, but I’ll keep you in the loop. All the best,

  2. John Klopfenstein

    Hello, from an old friend.
    I just happened to be talking about the Ira Gobu days and decided to google. What a surprise. Brings back lots of memories.
    How are you doing? You are well and living back in Chicago?
    Bring me up to date on things.
    Best wishes

  3. Jeanette

    re: your comment “And stay tuned for a Big Yoga teacher training, coming in the fall of 2010”. Am I interested? OH YES! I’m an advanced beginner yogi (I guess that’s the best way to describe it) and think the best way for me to learn adaptations for ME is to do hands-on with an expert. SO why not teacher training for myself?! Whoo-hoo. Please keep me on a “very interested” call-back list for this training.
    Also: could not get either link to connect from this newsletter.
    Also: I see on your schedule that you are doing 1 yoga class in December. Do you have a regular schedule at a studio? Or, are you aware of anyone in the southwest Michigan area that offers large-size yoga classes? I want more adaptations (i.e. the “size zero” teachers don’t seem to understand that no, child’s pose is NOT a relaxing pose for someone of my size!). I know there are books and videos available (congratulations!) but want “hands on”. Thanks much, and good luck with the important (and needed) work you’re doing. Glad I’m now signed up for your newsletter.

  4. Jeanette

    re: your comment “And stay tuned for a Big Yoga teacher training, coming in the fall of 2010”. Am I interested? OH YES! I love yoga, but want some hands-on with a teacher who knows how to do adaptations.

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