The Joys of Poetry

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This week at Stretch and Sing, we tried something new that turned out so well, I wanted to share it.  We drew 6 cards, each with a different word printed on it.  From those six words, we created the following poems.  The underlined words are the ones that sparked our creativity and delight in our imagination.

The Toast

toast the New Year
With glasses of buttery rum.
The blustery activity of winter
Makes you think of a bad storm
And weep for bountiful spring
When we will eat raspberry cake.
The colors, the blooming flowers, green grass and happy hours
Are coming.

I Sit

I sit by a stream, the sun beams
Drinking juice and
Eating smoothe yogurt.
The thrust of a golf ball goes flying through the air
With the greatest of ease
Like a parrot
Leaving the nest

I recommend this little project for any group, no matter the age. 



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