What’s Up in Yogaville?

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I was hoping to come to Yogaville over the weekend, but things came up and my workshop was cancelled.  There are lots of other wonderful things happening in Yogaville, so if you’re within driving distance, I highly recommend you take a trip so visit an authentic Yoga Ashram, complete with monks and a monestary, sublime meditations at the all faiths temple they call LOTUS, delicious vegatarian meals, yoga classes for all body types, and the scenic fall colors as you walk in the woods surrounding the campus.

This year is the 50th anniversary of Integral Yoga ®, the legacy of our dear teacher, Sri Swami Satchidananda.  Though he is no longer with us in the body, his teachings–and vibrations– are ever present at the Ashram, and are embodied in the thousands of Integral Yoga instructors who promote his message of peace in their world-wide classes.

In these days of “gym yoga” where the emphasis is mostly on the body, Integral Yoga is an alternative for folks who want a more meditative approach.  HATHA YOGA (the physical postures) may be the cornerstone of American yoga practice, but Integral Yoga provides so much more–meditation, pranayama, devotion, service, and self-inquiry.  As our teacher often said, Yoga is less about standing on your head and more about standing on your own two feet!   Thanks to you, Swamiji, for bringing these teachings to us, and thanks to the Integral Yoga organization for keeping the flame of these teachings alive and well.




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