Amba Parameshwari

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Salutations to the Highest Goddess, the First Energy of Creation

After taking some time off from my blog, I am getting ready to come back to life!  I have moved to Yogaville, an ashram located in central Virginia, where I plan to devote more time to my practice, and hang out with my Yoga homies.  I hope you’ll come to visit sometime–the ashram enviornment is so conducive to tuning in to your own Divine Nature, full of peace and joy. There are dorms here, 3 meditation sittings a day, vegetarian meals, and hatha classes.  If you prefer,  I also have 2 private rooms for rent that come with private instruction (with me) in asana, pranayama meditation and stress management.

This weekend I’ll be chanting at a new-ish Yoga studio in the D.C. area, the Mind Your Body Oasis.  I thought it might be helpful to have the chants available online, in case you’ve never chanted before.  It’s a powerful practice.  We’ll have some rhythm instruments for you to play, and tabla (drum) player to get the energy moving.  Please join us.  Here’s the address:  1750 Crystal City Shops (it’s in a mall) in Crystal City, Va.,  near Arlington.

I’ve been posting other chants on my Facebook page, Meera’sBigYoga, and on You Tube.  Have fun with the chanting–but it’s a lot more fun when you do it with others!


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  1. michaele

    Hi Meera! Sounds like your really getting in the groove! So glad to hear how it’s going there in Yogaville! I miss you!

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