Relaxation Response

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I’m working on a new book, tentatively titled Big Yoga Stress Strategies, for Square One, and am boning up on the most recent research about the effects of meditation on the body and mind.  Something I didn’t know–but probably should have–that, according to Herbert Benson, in his most recent book, Relaxation Revolution, he states that the studies show that a simple 12 minute practice can alter how your genes express themselves!  Amazing.  I always thought whatever we had, genetically, we were stuck with!  So that’s why, before modern medicine invented protocols for lowering blood pressure (think heavy duty drugs) there have always been prayers, meditations, and ritual to improve the quality of life.

The techniques is simple:  Sit comfortably for 12-15 minutes each and every day (that’s the hard part) and focus on a positive word or phrase.  If you can’t think of something that speaks to you, try the word “peace”, or it’s Sanskrit version, “Shanthi”.



You’ll be doing yourself a favor, and in addition, you will help to create an environment of peace around you, which will benefit everyone.  Really, it’s the least we can do–15 minutes to heal the world.  Awesome!



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