I’ve been teaching the chair pose, utkatasana, to my students, and wanted to put an image out into the web-o-sphere of what it looks like when a bigger body performs this asana.  It’s a great way to keep your thighs toned, so I use it as a way of coming out of the standing forward bend at the end of the Sun salutation sequence. ( It’s easier on the back to squat, then come into chair pose, instead of stretching out, up and back.)  Check out  yoga anatomy expert Leslie Kaminoff’s description of utkatasana here.

Chair pose strengthens the ankles, calves, thighs and the muscles that support the spine.  It stimulates the organs in the chest, including the heart, diaphragm, and lungs.  It’s also a great remedy for flat feet.  One note of caution–be careful not to let the knees cave in as you come up, which is pretty hard on the knees.

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