Take a Deep Breath

by | Pranayama

After several months of patiently waiting for the printing company to open back up (closed due to Covid) and the publishing company getting their act back together, (also because of Covid). our new book is finally available! Co-written with Dr. Sandra McLanahan, it’s a guide for folks who struggle with breathing challenges–COPD, pneumonia, asthma and other lung diseases.

Though it was originally intended to be just that, now that we are in the throes of Covid 19, the exercises provided in the book are ideal for keeping the breathing muscles strong and healthy in case you do get the virus.

Because breathing regulates everything in the body, it seems that patients who have strong breathing muscles do better if and when they get sick with the virus.  This is something that is worthy of furthur study, since there is so much we don’t know about this novel virus. Something that is being tried in hospitals is treating patients with nitrous oxide , commonly known as laughing gas.  Nitrous oxide helps to open the blood vessels, increases circulation and allows oxygen to travel throughout the body. This gives patients a better  volume of oxygen.   You can increase nitrous oxide levels in your own body by  doing the “humming bee” breath, which is described in the new book. 

If you have breathing challenges, contact me for private coaching.  You will feel better after one session as you bring more life-giving oxygen into your body. 

Treat yourself to wellness!



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