The Current Yoga Craze

by | Sri Swami Satchidananda, Yoga

I love that there is a Yoga craze going on. Everybody wants to get into the act. It’s cool, it’s hip. It’s dope (without using dope that is). Yoga is so money! But are we getting “lost in the Yoga craze”? as Swami Ramananda so aptly put it in the film Living Yoga? There’s more to Yoga than simple exercises. Ramanandaji went on to say, our teacher, the incomparable Sri Swami Satchidananda, encouraged us to bring our yoga into all aspects of our lives. Yoga would become a part of the way we would think, and the way we would act in the world.

This is on my mind because I just started teaching a yoga class at a facility that has had Yoga for some time, but all the teachers were trained by YogaFit. I don’t have anything against YogaFit, but it’s not the expansive Yoga that I’m devoted to. Some of the students complained that I didn’t give them enough of a workout, and they didn’t like the “resting” time.  I realized they were used to a fitness class that incorporated Yoga postures, rather than a Yoga class. Interesting.

So I take on the challenge of giving them a great workout, and an authentic Yoga experience at the same time. When they leave the class, I hope they we have been given a taste of something profound. Jai Yoga!



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