Yoga for The Voice

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Wow! Look at that expansive mouth! You can just imagine what kind of sound will come out of that mouth–a big, resonant, glass shattering beller! ; It takes a really strong body to sing in that powerful way. One of my favorite quotes from my days studying opera is one from svelt soprano Ileana Cotrubus, “Well, you have to be strong as a horse, but you don’t have to eat like one”!

I studied voice for many years, both in a conservatory and later from a famous vocal coach in Manhattan when I was under contract to RCA. The technique that David Soren Collier taught was applicable to opera, pop, or musical theater–it was scientific, athletic, and felt amazing. RCA paid for lessons 5 days a week, and it was a wonderful gift–thank you Mike Berniker, who signed me to the label.

If you enjoy kirtan, the call and response chanting we do as yogis, you might want to learn more about your voice and how to use it, so I thought I’d offer some practices that will strengthen your ability to support your voice. It’s all about the diaphragm, people!

  • Practice lots of kapalabhati–the “breath of fire”
  • Try bhramari, the humming bee breath
  • Practice Uddiyana Bhanda to massage the viscera
  • Bow Pose is good too
  • Warrior Poses for strength

That should get you started. I’ll be posting some videos soon!



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