28 Days of Sun Salutations

by | Big Yoga

During the month of February, I decided to do a crazy thing.  I’ve been watching some amazing folks doing fabulous poses on Instagram, so I wanted to get in on the fun.  

I hope to keep it up all throughout February, but I’m realizing what a big responsibility it is!  28 different versions of the Salute to the Sun is a challenge to my imagination and my expertise!  Of course, I originally thought I was providing this for you, my students, and fans, but now I realize I’m the one getting all the benefit! 

It’s so inspiring!  It’s only been a week, but I’m feeling stronger every day.   even though it’s taking a big chunk out of my morning, I’m loving it.  Because…once I finish with the sun salutations, I just naturally want to get on the mat and do an inversion, or a twist, or some pranayam, or whatever! 

I never have claimed to be all that regular in my yoga practice.  I’m a bit of a hatha yoga slacker.  But I keep coming back to my practice because of how great it makes me feel.  I’m actually more of a bhakti yogi–into chanting, puja’s, writing little songs to the Divine.  But I continue with my asana practice because it’s what allows my body to sit quietly without screaming at me while I’m meditating.  And I’m so grateful that I started in my 30’s–I have some muscle memory that aids me in doing poses that any ordinary-beginner-big yogi-at-age-68 would maybe have trouble with. 

Since I’ve been at the Yogaville Ashram this winter, I’ve had the opportuntiy to teach a “Mixed Level” Hatha class, which is basically Level 2, which–being the slacker yoga I am– I never bothered to get trained to teach.  So I’m studying the more advanced poses on the fly, trying to keep the class interesting for the LYTs who are mostly in their 20’s and 30’s.  (To find out more about the LYT program, which stands for Living Yoga Training,  here at Yogaville go to the website)



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