If you follow me, you may have figured out that I’m not using this blog so much anymore.  I decided to put everything in one place, so from now on, you can find my blog posts on BigYoga.Net.

But for a quick update, I am spending the winter in Yogaville, where I just had a wonderful visit from my son David, who is now off to Europe.  This has been a good year for hanging out with him–he came to visit me in Michigan, took me to see our Irish ancestral home in the fall, and then came for Christmas!  Thanks Dave!  IMG_0383

We had a very successful Big Yoga weekend here at Yogaville where we adapted tradtional yoga poses for LESS STRESS!  It was based on my new book, Big Yoga for Less Stress, which I expect to be in stores next month.

If you like chanting, stayed tuned for a new project I’m working on with Kamala Waltman, recording some of the older chants that were taught to us old-timers by Sri Swami Satchidananda.  Other projects are emerging, including a new DVD, and companion book.  Isn’t yoga fun?



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