I got an email from a colleague today that got me thinking.  She was sort of stuck in the I-Hate-My-Body-Blues, and asked if I hated mine.  And the short answer is, no.  I actually like my body.  It’s not perfect.  It has seen better days!  But I do love my body, some days more than others, depending on what kind of mischief I have gotten into in the kitchen the days before.   What Ive been having trouble with lately is self-care.  I mean, I havent even been keeping my toenails clipped!  I think its the winter doldrums.

I was born with a zaftig—kapha type body.  It runs in the family.  But I was always strong, and healthy (except for allergies to mold) and would get fit every summer swimming in Lake Michigan.  Yoga is a perfect fit for me because its like swimming!  Stretching and breathing. Now that Im almost old enough to get social security, things arent working as well as they used to, and Im having to take better care of myself.  But overall, if I didnt love my body I could never have written a book about Big Yoga.

Swami Satchidananda

Swami blows bubbles

I could never have gone in front of a camera, weighing in at about 190, to take the pictures for the book. I couldn’t have allowed myself the leeway to adapt Yoga poses for my changing body.  And guess what…it’s going to keep changing!  It might get better, it might get worse (whatever that means to you).  Maybe by some miracle I’ll fall in love with green juice, and lose 50 pounds.  I can still love my body.  Maybe I’ll go on a reckless binge, and gain 50 pounds.  I may not feel as well, but I can still love my body.  After all, it’s not really my body’s fault!  It’s my mind!

This body that I live in is a perfect vehicle for helping others with weight issues to get friendly with yoga.  Thats my mission.  It was a gift from my teacher, Sri Swami Satchidananda.  So I chant a little, do pranayama a little, do some hatha, and I stay in the gratitude.


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  1. Pat Dowd

    Bless you! Just took my first lesson with you and I was so pleased to find an instructor that had a body like mine and closer to my age. Your words resonate perfectly with me! If in our mind we can realize that everything is as it is supposed to be,and we can trust in that fact that we are not our bodies. I am looking forward to the rest of the sessions.

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