These days, not everyone has time or disposable income to go to a Yoga class three or four times a week.  If  you’re stuck in your office 5 days a week, maybe working overtime, you just can’t fit it in.  Enter chair Yoga!  There are so many stretches you can do, seated in a chair, or using a chair as a prop.  This way you don’t have to get down on the floor.  You can even use a wall.

There are some really exceptional chair poses discussed in this article.  But simple poses can be done at the chair,most notable, a seated twist.  Just have the feet on the floor, about a foot apart.  Turn to the left and place the hands on top of the back of the chair, and exhale as you begin to turn around looking over the shoulder of the lead (left) hand.  Lift on the inhale, and extend a little more in the next inhale.  Continue in this manner, for a few breaths.  To come out of the pose, lead with the head, and unwind top to bottom.  Take a moment, and then continue on the other side. Here is another version of a chair twist.  Anyone who spends time at a desk needs to do this pose throughout the work day.  Remember, your spine is your brain’s super highway.  It needs a little squeeze from time to time, to keep things juicy!


Chair Twist

The chair is there!




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