Digestive Pose for The Holidays

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We are in a season of overindulgence. We move from overeating on Thanksgiving, overshopping on Black Friday, overworking for the next few weeks, and then it starts all over again during the holiday season.  Finally, after the New Year, we start to get back to our more moderate routines.

Here’s a pose that will help you, at least with the overeating. It’s called Vajrasana, or Hero Pose

Vajrasana using a bench

In this image, I’m sitting on a meditation bench, but  if you’re able, simply sit on your bottom.  Tuck your legs under you and sit on your feet.  Either way, you will be lining up all the organs of digestion, speeding up the process.

After a big meal or any overindulgence, sit in the digestive pose, vajrasana, and you’ll be less likely to suffer from indigestion. You might even be ready for that last slice of pie!

And don’t foget your probiotics! A daily dose of kombucha, miso, yoghurt, kimchee, or even pickles is a sure fire way to improve digestion and makes it easier for the body to assimilate the nutrients in your food.

Whatever you do, have a fantastic holiday!



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