Big Yoga started out as a way to invite folks unfamiliar with yoga to get on the mat. Maybe folks were staying away from Yoga because they only saw pictures of super bendy, svelt models doing amazing poses. I wanted to change that! So, after I put out my first DVD (Big Yoga Hatha 1–available on this website) I realized I needed a Yoga practice that was even easier to do–especially for people with injuries, obesity,or stiffness. I wanted to encourage those of you who had given up on exercize to come back to wellness, with the simple practice of Yoga.

My second DVD, Big Yoga Flex-Ability, is just that–an accessible Yoga practice that benefits every-body. I’ve been teaching it to all my students, it’s that powerful.  

But lately there seems to be a need for even deeper opportunites to relax and open the body, to counteract the contant stresses we are under. With our current political climate, problems in Syria, shootings of all kinds all over the news and the internet–it’s hard to turn this stuff off, and it affects us  The constant bombardment of depressing news coming at us causes a shift in our body’s hormonal systems, even if we don’t realize it.  We need a Yoga practice that is specifically designed to calm down the stress hormones, that, when elevated over time, can lead to a burgeoning of physical symptoms that may lead to serious health issues.

Restorative Yoga uses Yoga props of all kinds–bolsters, pillows, blocks, blankets and eye pillows– to assist the body in getting comfortable and soft in the postures. When held for longer periods of time–from 3 to 10 minutes, these adapted poses allow the body to open and soften into gravity. Stress hormones are reduced, digestion improves, back aches and headaches melt away, and you will also enjoy deeper sleep. It’s also ideal for anyone recovering from injury, as you send loving thoughts to the body to facilitate and speed up healing. If you haven’t tried Restoratie Yoga yet, please join me on Monday evenings 6PM EST for a one hour class on Zoom that includes a yummy guided relaxation at the end of class. email me t for more info.



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