I love this new online magazine, The Yogic Way. In their review of my book, BIG YOGA®–published by Square One Publishers– they point out the importance of listening to your own body and “start where you’re comfortable”.

Big Yoga book

This is so important these days, when so many inexperienced Yoga teachers are pushing students–both verbally and physically–to go beyond their capacity.  If you are confident enough to go to a public class, either in a Yoga studio or a fitness club, check out the teacher before you commit.  Find out how long they’ve been teaching.  Let them know you may be adapting the poses for your own comfort.  If you need adaptations, check them out in my book–the benefits of the poses are not determined by your level of achievement, but rather, how relaxed your are as you rest in the pose.

If you don’t feel comfortable going to a public class, check out my DVDs for home practice.  The Hatha 1 DVD  can help you get familiar with the names of the poses so when you do go to a class in public, you have the confidence you need to go at your own pace.

The Flex-Ability DVD is very helpful for anyone who has found herself a bit out of shape–from an injury or just too busy to make fitness a priority.  It will help you build the strength in the muscles, and also helps the joints release the toxins that can make us stiff. 

Stay connected to your own self and love yourself wherever you are.  The great Paramahansa Yogananda, author of “The Autobiography of a Yogi” wrote a beautiful bhajan, or devotional song, titled “Listen Listen Listen To My Heart’s Song”–always keep that in mind and you won’t ever hurt yourself.



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